Sessions Edition 006 ticket
Sessions Edition 006 ticket

Sessions Edition 006 ticket

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Thanks for the support for Sessions Edition 006! Keep an eye out for the next one.

Sessions Edition 006 is all about Rum!

Rum and whisky are very similar - both are the products of fermentation and distillation. Both boast of a wide variety of flavours influenced by raw ingredients and maturation process, and both possess a rich heritage across its many distilleries. Like whisky, each rum can arguably lay claim to its own provenance and character.

So why not join Sessions as we bring you through a rum line-up?

Date: Wednesday, 20 March 2019
Time: 7pm to 9.30pm
Location: The Swan Song, 50A Prinsep Street #02-01
Ticket Price: $75

1. Jacsi Martinique Rum (circa 1950s)
2. Monymusk 12yo bottled by Berry Bros
3. Hampden 2000 bottled by Kingsbury
4. Ultivlugt 1997 single cask rum

Only 23 spots available, for 4 drams and a delicious dinner.