Sessions is a series of get-togethers of whisky lovers in Singapore. An initiative by The Swan Song and Friends With Drams, Sessions stems from the Singaporean concept of ‘gotong-royong’: to build up a spirit of neighbourliness within the local whisky community.

We hope to work closely with partners in the industry. Every bottle of whisky enjoyed will help forge the bonds of friendship in the Singapore whisky community.

The inaugural Sessions was held on Wednesday, 17 Oct 2018. It featured Independent Bottler Dramfool.

Fuelled by his 20-year passion for whisky, Bruce Farquhar is the one man operation behind Dramfool. His motivation behind every cask chosen is to ensure whisky nerds like himself can continue enjoying quality whiskies at great prices.

Bottles featured:

1. Port Charlotte 15yo - Islay Whisky Festival 2018

2. Octomore 6yo - Islay Whisky Festival 2018

3. Bowmore 21yo

4. Avian Gull Too 9yo

5. Cola Ali 9yo


Edition 002 was held on Wednesday, 14 Nov 2018. The unofficial Lord of Mull brought a full house of intrepid travellers on a journey through his realm.


Each dram of Ledaig brought them to a different period of the distillery's history. Participants enjoyed themselves, and we saw a couple of familiar faces too!


Bottles featured:

1. Ledaig 1974 official bottling

2. Ledaig 1992 official bottling, 7yo bottled for The Shareholders of The Spirit of 1992 plc

3. SMWS 42.28, 9yo bottled for Bar Selene's 25th anniversary celebrations

4. Ledaig 2008, bottled for Potstill Austria Painter's edition

Edition 003 was held on Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018. It featured Taiwanese Independent Bottler Home Need Wine & Spirits. The drams served challenged conventions and new preferences were formed. Conversation flowed freely over the 6(!) unique drams served and some participants said that the chilli accompanying the braised duck rice helped to open their palates for greater whisky appreciation.


But what everybody agreed upon, based on the warmth and joy in The Swan Song, was that Home Need Wine & Spirits is aptly named!


Bottles featured:

1. HNWS Flight and Feather Series #2 – Glentauchers 2008 9 Years Old

2. HNWS Flight and Feather Series #1 – Benriach Peated 2011 6 Years Old

3. SHNWS Glenrothes 2005 13 Years Old

4. HNWS Cameronbridge 1984 34 Years Old (13th Anniversary Bottling)

Edition 004 was held on Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019. The magic of whisky was in full force that evening. Maybe it was something special about drinking liquid history, or maybe it was the informative introduction to each closed distillery courtesy of Malt Maniac Ben Chen.


The outcome was a rousing Sessions Edition 004, with a smile on every face.


Bottles featured:

1. Littlemill 22yo, bottled for WhiskyBase

2. Glenlochy 32yo, bottled by Signatory Vintage

3. Brora 19yo, bottled by Chieftain's

4. Port Ellen 23yo, bottled by Wilson & Morgan

Edition 005 was held on Wednesday, 20 Feb 2019.


Because it is the Year of the Pig, Sessions Edition 005 was all about "Boar-ing" Whisky. The whiskies in the line-up were all "born" in the year of the Pig, with the oldest distilled in 1971 (4 cycles ago)!


The four drams poured showed how each Pig could hold its own, and excel in different ways. The crowd was split between which was the best of the night. But everybody enjoyed the roasted pig served at dinner.


Friends With Drams also pulled out a bonus mystery dram for all the lucky folks there: A brand new bottling from Dramfool.


As always, we will let the smiles speak for themselves!


Bottles featured:

1. Glen Elgin 19yo, distilled 1971, bottled by Cadenhead's

2. Coal Ila 32yo, distilled 1983, bottled by Signatory Vintage

3. Clynelish 21yo, distilled 1995, bottled by Scotch Malt Sales Japan

4. Ledaig 9yo, distilled 2007, bottled for Spirit & Cask Range

Edition 006 was held on Wednesday, 20 Mar 2019.


Rum and whisky are very similar - both are the products of fermentation and distillation. Both boast of a wide variety of flavours influenced by raw ingredients and maturation process, and both possess a rich heritage across its many distilleries. Like whisky, each rum can arguably lay claim to its own provenance and character.


The participants at Sessions Edition 006 stepped out of their comfort zones to learn more about rum. Throughout the tasting, they actively asked questions, and learnt from each other. Views were divided, but everyone was thirsty for knowledge.


By the end of the night, we were pleased that we had successfully dispelled the myth that all rums are sweet. We were even more pleased when we overheard terms like "dirty", "gasoline", "bananas", and "fwah" being used to describe the drams -- the same way they would describe whisky. This shows that even though the production methods of rum are truly varied, it is still a spirit to be taken seriously.


All in all, it was another great Sessions with great food and great company.


Bottles featured:

1. Jacsi Martinique Rum (circa 1950s)

2. Monymusk 12yo bottled by Berry Bros

3. Hampden 2000 bottled by Kingsbury

4. Ultivlugt 1997 single cask rum

Edition 007 was held on Wednesday, 17 April 2019.


The Swan Song and The Single Cask are among the best whisky bars in Singapore. One specialises in old and rare whiskies, whilst the other selects and bottles their own casks. To satisfy our own curiosity, Friends With Drams (a distributor of independent bottlings) cheekily tried to see which was better through a head-to-head. But the two bars were cheekier still, and showed true class and camaraderie.


Rather than a competition, bar owners Kelvin and Brendan used the opportunity to teach participants how to spot and appreciate the beauty that each whisky had to offer. They showcased the individual characteristics of Ledaig and Bruichladdich with the four drams served that night. Accompanied by a hearty meal of local Hainanese curry rice, the bar reverberated with laughter.


The winner that night? The participants.


Bottles featured:

Round 1: Bruichladdich

-The Single Cask bottling (8yo)

-Signatory Vintage (24yo)


Round 2: Ledaig

-The Single Cask bottling (10yo)

-Brass & Mining collection (15yo)

Edition 008 was held on Wednesday, 14 August 2019.


A closed Scottish distillery. Legendary for producing a fruity and floral malt. Bottles that only a top-class whisky bar would have, much less have by the dram. An intimate evening with fellow connoisseurs. It was pure bliss for the lucky few who got their hands on a ticket. The chance to try such rare whiskies was not to be missed.


Each dram drew its share of fans, but the Rosebank 1966 bottled by Cadenhead's won over the majority of participants. In fact, it was such a gem that silence descended upon the bar once the nosing began. But let us not get carried away.


Bottles featured:

1. Rosebank 1966 bottled by Cadenhead's

2. Rosebank 1978 bottled by Douglas Laing

3. Rosebank 1989 bottled by Cadenhead's

4. Rosebank 1990 bottled by Chieftain's

Edition 009 was held on Wednesday, 18 September 2019.


Back in April 2019, Edition 007 featured a friendly contest between two of the best whisky bars in Singapore. The participants loved it so much, they asked us to have another round.


Once again, the Single Cask and The Swan Song each picked two bottles of Ledaig from their respective collections. We conducted two rounds of blind tasting where participants decided which dram was better.


While The Swan Song won the vote in both rounds, the true winners that night were all the participants. They enjoyed their four drams of Ledaig with a delicious Nasi Padang. Kelvin and Brendan also spent time taking many questions from the participants. The most surprising answer was when we learnt how choosing which cask to bottle is actually a rather tiring and strenuous experience (even though it sounds like pure joy). Look at all the happy faces!


Bottles featured:

Round 1: The Single Cask bottling (26yo) vs van Wees The Ultimate 2004 (10yo)

Round 2: The Single Cask bottling (26yo) vs The Swan Song × Friends With Drams bottling (11yo)

 The schedule for Sessions for 2019 is available here. Come join us for an awesome evening!