Highlander Inn × Friends With Drams × The Swan Song: LIVE

The Highlander Inn – Craigellachie is a popular spot for whisky lovers visiting Scotland. Many have enjoyed the warm hospitality there whilst exploring Speyside, and even more have visited the whisky bar for a tasty dram.

Friends With Drams was pleased to collaborate with The Swan Song to host an in-person tasting conducted by the owner of Highlander Inn – Craigellachie, Mr Tatsuya Minagawa on 28 October 2022.

Mr Minagawa is a very engaging speaker. Downplaying all his years of experience in selecting great whiskies, he insisted that we refer to the tasting session as a “whisky talk”, instead of the masterclass that it resembled. For over two hours, he regaled the participants with excerpts from his life, including how he went from the European brand ambassador for Suntory to the owner of The Highlander Inn – Craigellachie. And along the way, he shared his expertise and love of whisky with all the participants.

Enjoy the photos from the “whisky talk”!

Tasting sequence:

  1. Oishii Wisukii Blended Scotch Whisky 28Y (44.5%)
  2. Highlander Inn Craigellachie: Tullibardine 29Y (45.2%), 2022 annual bottling
  3. Maggie’s Collection Linkwood 8Y (59.5%)
  4. Highlander Inn Chichibu: Mars Komagatake 7Y (60%)
  5. Highlander Inn Craigellachie: Cragellachie 15Y (58.8%) - Special Blackadder Raw Cask Exclusive