Oishii Wisukii 28yo (Highlander Inn)
Oishii Wisukii 28yo (Highlander Inn)

Oishii Wisukii 28yo (Highlander Inn)

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Oishii Wisukii is Japanese for "Delicious Whisky" and is part of Highlander Inn's annual releases. Mainly released as small batch blended whiskies, with the exception of the grain done in 2020.

The beautiful labels for this series are designed by Japanese designer and artist Takeshi Abe, who also designed several labels for the famous "Card series" by Ichiro's Malt.

28 year old blend from Edrington (comprising 50% malt/ 50% grain). 

This particular release has an interesting label with the various distributors for Highlander Inn represented. If you look closely, I'm sure you can spot an iconic mascot on the label. 

Age: 28 years old

Strength: 44.5%abv

High Proof | Non-Chill Filtered | No Colouring Added