Octomore 12yo - Jim McEwan Festival Edition 2022 (Dramfool)
Octomore 12yo - Jim McEwan Festival Edition 2022 (Dramfool)

Octomore 12yo - Jim McEwan Festival Edition 2022 (Dramfool)

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The very first Jim McEwan Festival Release done for Fèis Ìle Whisky Festival 2022– this is not part of the Signature of Journeys End collections – and uniquely done in 250ml bottles. 

This Octomore cask was part of Jim's personal collection which the angels had been extra greedy with. In order to share more of this fabulous liquid, the ‘Wee Bottles’ were born, a first for Dramfool!  To protect the rare spirit from greedy angels, we have enlisted an Islay cowboy who you may recognise to stand guard over these bottles for us all. Our Wee Bottles are guarded by Wee Jim, a cowboy by the age of 5!

Distillery: Bruichladdich, Scotland

Age: 12 years old

Strength: 62.38abv

Vol: 250ml

Only 330 bottles.

Cask Strength | Non-Chill Filtered | No Colouring Added


Tasting notes by Jim McEwan:

Nose - At 62.8% it needs a little reduction to release the most audacious adventurous, beautiful aromatic aromas of peat fires and toasted Islay barley together with sweet aromas fresh bourbon and spice. It’s a potent seductive unbelievable experience. The focus is clearly the coming together of two exceptional creations. I could write notes for hours on this spirit!

Taste - It’s super smooth. You would never believe it’s 62.8%. The voluptuous texture serves as the foundation for Islay to showcase its heritage of Celtic passion and honesty and the spirit delivers that message. The smokey marine moorland and the spiced bourbon flavours all provide a halo around the glass. The strength of the oak, the quality of sweet crisp malted barley, its maturation on the very edge of the Atlantic Ocean and the skills of the humble Island distillers. Utterly sensational! Muscular, brawny, sculpted and absolutely sensational. A rare and unique spirit from a single cask. It’s very possible that you will ever taste a spirit like this again. I am so proud of this beauty and the beast love affair. Just close your eyes, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy an olfactory/taste experience like no other.