Friends With Drams x Hideo Yamaoka

Friends With Drams x Hideo Yamaoka

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Join Friends With Drams on 25 Feb 2021 (Thursday), 8pm. We will travel virtually to Japan, and have a fireside chat (drams included) with Hideo Yamaoka, a famed whisky bottler and connoisseur.

Yamaoka-san may be a new name to some of you, but he has been involved with whisky for over 30 years! He is best known for his own line of independent bottlings featuring famous manga / anime such as Galaxy 999 and Fist of the North Star. Check out this article featuring Yamaoka-san. He is also famed for having an impressive palate, being able to identify a whisky blind (down to the vintage!) with an amazing success rate.

Consistent with our virtual tastings during this period of COVID-19, 100% of the net proceeds will be going back to the local hospitality industry in Japan to help tide them through this crisis.

During this event, you will have the opportunity to taste "unicorn" bottlings that have long since sold out or were not available to the general public. You will get 20ml of each, apart from the Akashi:

  1. Akashi Cabernet Franc cask 2015 4Y 62% (more popularly known as the Ghost #14 label) - 15ml (due to bottle size)
  2. Glenallachie 2008 11Y, selected for K6, Cask Group and Whisky Mew (Chinquapin barrel) 55.8%
  3. Secret Speyside 1996 22Y, "Afro Tanaka" label 50.4% (a Macallan)
  4. Islay Peated Blended Malt 2009 10Y "Go Nagai" label 56.4% (a Laphroaig)
  5. Imperial 1997 20Y "Go Nagai" label 51.5%
  6. Ichiro's Malt 2013 #2463 for Whisky Mew 59% ("stamp rally" bottle). This bottle is only available through a lottery after visiting a number of bars and completing a stamp card.

You may even get a glimpse of what Yamaoka-san has in his private collection! There are only 30 tasting sets available, and the demand for this is expected to be strong so do secure your slot through here now!

Each tasting set is $188, and includes free delivery within Singapore. Orders close on 19 Feb 2021.